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1. What is one rupee store?

1) One rupee store is an Indian store,targeted at youth. On one rupee store you can get any apps@rs 1.

2) For silver :- @30rs

3) For gold :- @90rs

2. Who can use one rupee store?

4) Anyone & everyone who has mobile with internet connection can use one rupee store.

3. How much does apps in one rupee store cost?

5) All application with bronze tags will cost rs 1

6) Silver tag- @30

7) Gold tag - @90

4. What are the steps to download one rupee store application?

Steps to download one rupee store application :-

a) Browse the Website www.onerupeestore.com

b) Select the application category (e.g.:- App of the day, hot app, top 10 apps, etc...)

c) Select the platform (mobile OS platform e.g. - android, java, windows,)

d) Search for the application from search box

e) Click on download button

f) Login /register(in case of new User)

g) If you are on mobile data Rs 1 will be deducted from Mobile Wallet

h) If you are on internet or login from outside India, you shall be asked to enter mobile no. then enter credit card/debit card details.

*Note: - please note it’s a secure payment gateway and the card details shared will not be stored or shared with third Party.

So install as many applications as you want without any fear of misuse of bank details.

i) Once installed it will be stored in your device.

j) For HTML applications the installed application will be stored in order history.

So next time you want to view HTML you just need to login, check my account, under my account there will be order history tab. Under order history you can check all application at one.

5. What are the categories in one rupee store? Is Onerupeestore an app store ?

9) The main categories are :-

a) Entertainment

b) News & EBooks

c) Photo Gallery

d) Quotes

e) Facts

f) Games

All the categories are self explanatory; in case of any further query you can mail us at support@onerupeestore.com

No onerupeestore is not an application store. Going forward you shall be able to purchase clothes, mobile accessories, and grocery! It’s Just the beginning!

6. What are the categories of menu tag?

1) App of the Day : Best application from the day

2) Hot app : Most Viewed Apps

3) Top 10 apps : Most Downloaded apps

4) New Arrivals : Application were Recently Publish on Store

5) Developers Choice : Developer Has Chosen the Best Application & displayed

6) Create you App logo :

i. Under this tab user can share the idea of about any application, will select few idea from them and our development team will develop and publish that application with your name ,your picture .

ii. Every month we will select a winner to get android/window/java phone along with SIM card for free. The Shipment Charges Of mobile will be paid by user.

7. What is order history?

a) Order history is a place where all the application are displayed

b) You can always go in order history and install application faster.

8. What is gift Feature?

Gift feature allows you to gift application to your loved one.

9. What are the steps to gift an application?

a) Select the application

b) Go to “more info”

c) Click on the “Gift” Tab next to Download Button

d) Login to your account/ register(for new user)

e) Enter your mobile No.

f) Once account is debited, go to “My Account”. Under “My Account” you will get the option of “Order Gift”. Click on Order gift then enter email id to which you want to gift.

g) The entered email id will receive a mail with a link of application in his/her mail.

h) They can click on the link or copy and paste that link into internet browser and from there they can download the application which is gifted by someone.

i) The Giftee doesnt pay anything for the application, payment is given by Gifter.

10. What is privacy policy?

a) It’s a policy of the company to protect the details of the individual customer. The company can’t store or share the details of any individual user to third party.

11. Will my application work without any internet connection?

b) No, you need to have an internet connection for apps to work. However there are various apps in the onerupeestore which can be used offline. All the application which are connected to the server need to have internet connection.

12. How do I manage my content?

c) You can view all your apps under order history.

d) Under order gift you can see the gifts which you have gifted to someone.

13. How do i download on Iphone?

e) On Iphone kindly select HTML as mobile platform.

f) Once you select HTML and Download apps, you can view app as HTML tag.

g) After downloading you can view your HTML application under MY account -> order History

14. How do I search an app?

h) Step to search an application in one rupee store.

a) On the top there is “Search” field.

b) Write the name of the application in the search box

c) Press enter button on your keyboard

d) It will display all the application for which you have searched.

15. How do I ask for refund?

 Please mail us on support@onerupeestore.com

16. I am a developer and I want to publish app on one rupee store, what should I do?

 Please mail to sales@onerupeestore.com ,please attach your catalogue in the mail as attachment with all the details.

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